IM - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

UpdatedMonday June 18, 2018 bySoccer.

In House FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1.  Q: How much does it cost to join the In House Recreational League?

A: It costs $110 - $135. We do offer an early bird discounted rate during the first month registration is open. 

  • The fee encompasses a variety of costs.  It includes player and field insurance, field rental, professional training, administrative and operational costs.  CBAA is a non profit youth sports organization that is supported wholly by its membership.  We rely on our volunteers to keep the costs of registration at a reasonable rate.  
  • Our uniform, which consists of a jersey (home and away), shorts and socks, can be purchased through registation or on our store website and can be re-used each season.  Scholarships are available – see Policies and Guidelines.

            1a. We do offer a discounted registration rate for any registration completed by the early bird registration deadline.  We also offer multi-family discounts to family registrations of more than three players.   

2.  Q: What else does the player need to bring?

 A: The player needs to wear sneakers /or cleats and MUST wear shin guards at all practices and games. A practice ball and a water bottle with their name on it, is also required.  Cleats are recommended vs sneakers for U10 and up.  Mouth guards and safety glasses are at the discretion of the parents.

3.  Q: What if I cannot practice on the night or the time that my coach picks to practice?

A: You can have your coach speak with any of the other coaches and they will allow you to practice with the other teams if need be. You cannot however switch teams.

4.  Q: Do you honor carpool or neighbor/friend requests?

A: CBAA soccer believes in team building as well as interaction amongst peers and part of that is meeting new children by placing them on carefully selected teams.  We do take the child's school into consideration when forming teams.  We understand that intramural soccer is about playing with friends and make every effort to accommodate friend requests.  Our U12, U14, U16 and U19 teams will go through a player draft to form balanced and competitive teams, so friend requests are not guaranteed. Please view our team formation policy here.

5.  Q: How many weeks in the soccer season?

A: Each season we try to get in 8 - 10 weeks of training and game play, depending on the calendar year and holidays. The calendar is posted on your team website.

6.  Q: Do you have to have any experience to sign up to coach?

A: Although helpful, we only require a good attitude and a willingness to learn and teach. We will have 2 preseason clinics for coaches. On field help by our Coaching Director and in house trainers will be available.  Get out there and PLAY with your kids! ALL VOLUNTEERS WELCOME!

7.  Q: What time are practices?

A: Practice times are determined by the league in cooperation with the volunteer coach.  Practices will be held on Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays for U10 and above age groups. U07 and U08 practices will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. U05 adn U06 conduct their practices/games on Saturdays.            

8.  Q: What time are games?

A: Games are generally held on Saturdays and Sundays, but older teams may play on Friday nights ocassionally.  The game times are determined after the end of registration. It all depends on how many children sign up and field availability. Games are generally between 8 am and 5 pm and your coach will let you know your schedule when they call you for the first practice.  We do try to schedule age groups in regular time ranges to help with your calendar planning, especially for our families with multiple players.  At times, there may be a weeknight game to accomodate a team's schedule.

9.  Q:  Is there a required uniform?

A:   Our players wear numbered jerseys that consists of a "home" green jersey and an "away" white jersey through our adidas partners.  Jerseys may be re-used from season to season. Jerseys, black Adidas shorts and black Adidas socks can be purchased through the store on our website.