IM Coordinators Info Page

UpdatedThursday March 10, 2016 bySoccer Office.

We ask that all IM Coordinators(SDC, JDC & AGCs) attend our preseason meeting. This is an important opportunity for questions to be answered and people to learn how to use the website.

Division Coordinators & AGCs can:

* U6-U10 AGCs will see what ByteSize Coaching is so they can explain it to their coaches.
*U15 - U18 JIL Website and Score Recording
* All - Injury report. Discuss where this form is and why it exists.
* All - Learn how to set-up a coaches’ site. Help the coaches with small IT questions.

We will have a link that will provide access to:
1. Calendar of Events
2. Coaches emails by age group to initiate blasts to age group.
3. Rosters/Contact Info
4. Volunteer Info
5. FAQs page
6. Sample email messages: Welcome letter, Your child has been moved to, Equip. pick-up, uniform pick-up, Select team info, etc.
7. Job Description
8. Duty checklist


* Handle any necessary player moves that occur after teams have been formed and parents have been notified. This shouldn’t be as necessary for U12 - U18 once player draft occurs.
* Distribute rosters (junior division), equipment, schedules, field assignments, picture forms, etc.
* Communicate Picture Day schedule and procedures to coaches
* Provide a communication link between coaches and CBAA administration

Time Requirement:

10-12 hours throughout the course of the season. Most of this time is spent prior to the start of the season.

Please consider committing for more than one season. This helps promote continuity and builds relationships with the coaches and parents of an age group.

Meeting Attendance:

1. AGC Meeting - Generally a couple of weeks before the beginning of the season. This will most likely be organized by Junior Division and Senior Division. This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to utilize the TCTeams system.

2. Coaches Meeting - This is a chance for the AGCs and the Coaches to meet face-to-face.

Volunteer lead role that represents CBAA IM/REC Soccer who helps provide assistance and support to division coaches and teams.

Main Functions:
* Liaison to Coaches and parents within a specific age group
* Communicate and reinforce club coaching and game guidelines
* Assist JDC, SDC in pre-season adjustments and finalization of team rosters
* Assist with practice and game scheduling communication & rescheduling
* Coordinate the distribution of equipment and uniforms
* Act as a division advocate and resource to assist with ongoing questions and concerns
* Make suggestions in areas needing improvement in our program

Examples of issues you may incur and be involved with:

* Coaches not communicating roster and practice information to their team in a timely fashion
* Follow-up on Club Risk Management Survey completion to the Director of Safety & Conduct
* Parents requesting alternative teams due a practice night conflict
* Coaches not being aware of available resources or not following guidelines
* Timely communication around field closures and/or game rescheduling
* Reporting major injuries, concussions bad behavior, safety issues and conflicts to the Director of Safety and Conduct

We attempt to address as a many questions and concerns proactively via routine communications and the FAQ and other documents available on the club website. Of course there will always be “real time” requests that require timely involvement from the coordinators.

As you become familiar with the coaches within your assigned division, we hope you will find it easier to address their questions in an efficient manner so that the focus remains on creating the best possible experience for the kids and parents. We encourage you to take the opportunity to interact with the coaches and parents when possible (at coaching and player clinics and during games for example) as it will improve the communication process and hopefully create a better overall experience for everyone.

Thank you for volunteering! You make this a great place to play!