CBAA multi-sport policy

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CBAA Policy on Multiple Sports and Primary Seasons

CBAA’s purpose is to provide opportunities for the youth athletes of Central Bucks to participate and develop at a competitive level in one or more sports in both travel and intramural programs. As the level of competition has increased in the travel programs for basketball, lacrosse and soccer, each sport has extended their competitive year throughout the calendar year.

Cooperation and respect on the part of all sports programs and their intramural programs, their officers and coaches is a goal of CBAA. While teams can now participate in several activities throughout the year, each sport maintains a primary playing season during which primary league play occurs. For lacrosse this takes place in the spring, for travel soccer it’s the fall for league play and the spring for state cups and for basketball it’s the winter. While there is overlap with the beginning and end of each season, each sport’s primary playing season should take precedent over the beginning practice season of another travel program. In a similar manner, each sport’s primary playing season should take precedence over additional “off‐season” competitive opportunities such as tournaments, winter indoor leagues (for soccer and lacrosse) and outdoor summer leagues (for basketball), training sessions and practices. Athletes and their parents should not be pressured or penalized for fulfilling their commitment and participation in a sport during its primary season by a sports team that is participating in “off‐season” activities. Similarly, travel teams and their coaches participating in activities during their “off‐seasons” are expected to support and respect the participation of their athletes in an intramural sport during its primary playing season.

All coaches, managers, trainers, parents and club officers in all sports programs are expected to honor CBAA and specific club rules regarding playing time for athlete’s who participate in multiple travel and/or intramural sports.

Athletes and their parents are expected to fulfill the reasonable requirements (i.e., practice attendance, game attendance etc.) established by the sports program and its team. As a general guideline, athletes are expected to fulfill their participation requirements in a sport during its primary season and participate in “off‐season” events of another sport on a not to interfere basis. Parents and athletes should inform both coaches of potential conflicts as soon as possible.

Parents and athletes need to be realistic with respect to their intentions to participate in multiple travel sports especially at the higher competitive levels (e.g., elite, premier, AAU, select teams etc.) and at older age groups when play includes college showcase events. Moreover, it is unlikely that an athlete can fulfill all of the obligations of multiple travel teams participating at highly competitive levels; especially for older athletes with the commitments associated with interscholastic teams. Missing multiple practices, training events, games and tournaments for one sport in order to meet the obligations of another sport is unfair to at least one set of team mates as well as other athletes who might have been able to fully commit to a team. Coaches and parents are expected to show good judgment and foster a sense of obligation by an athlete and not permit an athlete to over commit to multiple travel teams. The selection criteria of an athlete to join any CBAA travel team will not be based

on an athlete’s participation in another sports program (CBAA or non‐CBAA) unless the selection in question is reviewed by an ad hoc committee of the CBAA Executive Board.

While CBAA and its sports programs can manage membership on multiple CBAA teams; it can not control an athlete’s participation on other travel teams outside CBAA. In cases, where conflicts arise with travel teams outside the CBAA; the position of CBAA and its sports programs will be that CBAA participation will generally take precedence over the non‐CBAA sports activities.

When an incident occurs that is inconsistent with this policy and is reported to the CBAA Executive Board; an ad hoc committee of the respective club presidents and the CBAA Administrative Vice‐Chair will investigate, review and implement a resolution for each incident. If a consensus on a resolution for an incident cannot be reached by the ad hoc committee; then the CBAA Executive Board will review and decide a resolution by a simple majority.

CBAA appreciates the hard work and dedication of all volunteers in their efforts to serve the youth athletes in Central Bucks. Without your time and talents we would not be able to support the outstanding travel and intramural programs that we have today.

Adopted by the CBAA Executive Board on February 11, 2009.




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