Buckingham United Player Expectations

UpdatedFriday November 13, 2020 bySoccer.


I will:

  • Do my best at every training session and game. 
  • Have a positive attitude and never quit because something is difficult.
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.
  • Respect all officials and coaches.
  • Encourage my teammates.
  • Respect my coach and my opponents.
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game. 
  • Improve my own ability outside of team sessions.
  • Immediately report any injuries to my coach.
  • Notify my coach if I am unable to attend a team function.
  • Bring any personal related soccer issues to the attention of my coach.
  • Be the very best that I can be.


I will not:

  • Disrespect any official or coach.
  • Leave the field after a game or training session without my coach's permission.
  • Forget that I represent my club, my team, and my family.