CBAA Seeking Board and Committee Members


UpdatedSunday January 19, 2020 byCBAA Exec Office.

To all CBAA members: 
Approaching our 47th anniversary, the Central Bucks Athletic Association is a non-profit, charitable organization serving families in the Central Bucks area. We offer Soccer, Lacrosse and Basketball for boys and girls of all ages at both intramural and travel levels. CBAA is a vibrant and growing community sports organization that is committed to providing opportunities to keep our kids active, while strengthening our community.
We have several opportunities at the executive board level where you can make a difference. We are looking for members that have the desire to contribute their time and talent to join our interactive, engaging group.  With a minimal investment of time, your effort will have far reaching impact on our community. Each year, the CBAA Board is required to advertise and seek candidates for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. 
Formal nominations were received at the CBAA board meeting on July 15, 2019 at the Buckingham United Indoor Training Center. The terms of all candidates sworn in will commence at the August 5, 2019 at the Re-organizational Meeting. 
If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to run for one of the Executive Board positions, please submit your interest. Board positions require no prerequisites except for the chair position, where the candidate must have served a minimum of one year on the CBAA Board (*see note). Your candidacy is welcomed and encouraged. Board Interest Form
  • Chief Executive Officer - Oversight of organization and all of its programs and initiatives
  • Chair monthly Board meetings 
  • Assist all members of the Board in performing their duties 
  • Serve as primary liaison in the Community 
  • Attend monthly board meeting
Vice President - Joe Shandley
  • Fill in for President in his/her absence
  • Compliance with Policies and Procedures 
  • Key contact for Insurance and contracts
  • By-laws, maintain, review and ensure CBAA is in compliance 
  • Oversight of coach and player conduct for all programs and background checks/risk management
  • Attend monthly board meeting
Secretary  OPEN
  • Responsible for Agendas and Board Calendar
  • Attend all sessions of the Board and the Committees
  • Record all the votes and the minutes
  • Tracks New and old business on a month to month basis
  • Coordinates communication to membership on behalf of CBAA and its three programs
  • Projects as needed
Treasurer  OPEN
  • Monitor financial activities and advising office manager
  • Facilitate budget process
  • Provide monthly financial updates 
  • Attend monthly board meeting
  • Responsible for monitoring and recording the financial activity for the organization 
  • Preparation of organization budgets and oversight of program budget preparation 
  • Helps to coordinate annual audit with the contractor
  • Provide monthly financial update 
  • Candidate should have a general understanding of accounting principals 
Large / General Members  Seeking members
Program Presidents
The Athletic Program Presidents are a Biannual Term. Recently we appointed Chris Slack as the Basketball President and Jeff Mote as the Lacrosse President. Becky Barlow as the Soccer President, 2012-present.
In addition, each of the three CBAA programs: Basketball, Lacrosse and Soccer (including intramural and travel for each), always need the services of local community members in leadership positions supporting their programs.
CBAA Executive Board Subcommittees
The 2019-20 Board of Directors will be determining new committees and looking for interested members in areas of Audits, Finance, Fields and Operations, Insurance, Marketing as well as Ways and Means, 
*NOTE: In the event of failure to bring into nomination any members of the future Board for the office of Chairman, the incumbent Board may make an exception of the latter rule on a year to year basis with a majority vote of the Board. Directors shall be natural persons of full age.